Best Torrenting Websites of 2020 And The VPNs To Unblock Them

Torrenting is a highly popular means of sharing files, and it’s this popularity that maintains the strong service which it has become. By using peer-to-peer technology, it doesn’t operate on single-source downloading, instead, the files are pulled from dozens of locations. So as torrenting communities continue to upload and download content, connections improve, and more content becomes available.

best torrenting sites

Whether it’s to get software for free, or to catch the latest movie releases, millions of people around the world use this service. Although P2P sharing itself isn’t illegal, the content exchanged usually is. As more people caught onto the idea, it quickly became a space for pirated content.

Like I said, people around the world use them, and, surprisingly, countries like Russia are no exception. In fact, in Russia it’s incredibly popular. Despite the levels of censorship applied by its government, citizens are able to get the content they want without bringing any attention to themselves. The way they do this, is through a VPN.

A VPN allows for a secure connection to a private network over your public one. This prevents your ISP (Internet Service Provider) from being able to monitor your activity – because it can’t find you, basically. Your IP is adjusted to one that’s located in the same place as your chosen server, which allows you to bypass any limitations on bandwidth, as well as remain anonymous while online. This includes everything from P2P sharing to watching Netflix at home. But this isn’t the only benefit users experience – far from it. Access to region-specific content through Geo-spoofing, and substantially better Internet performance, are just a couple of examples. Below are some of the best VPNs to use when torrenting – both in terms of protection and performance – along with the best websites to use for sourcing your torrents.

Best VPN’s and Websites for Torrenting


This high-performing VPN offers quality protection against cyber criminals and ISP snooping. Because it supports all BitTorrent protocols, it’s worth considering if you’re looking for safe P2P sharing. It’s easy to set up on all devices and can be used to protect your privacy from anywhere with an Internet connection. Its stance on monitoring and logging means you won’t doubt its commitment to offering you online privacy.

Using a 256-bit encryption, alongside unlimited bandwidth and zero throttling, means you’re able to access the web as much as you want, and be safe while doing so.

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For less experienced P2P sharers, HideMyAss offers a secure connection in just one click. It has more than 750 servers to choose from, making it highly difficult for anyone to monitor your encrypted connection. With unlimited access and no cap on uploads or downloads, it’s a great service for those who need a reliable level of performance for torrenting.

It provides security on up to five separate connections per license, and over multiple platforms. With its many separate coverage modes to choose from, it offers a level of flexibility that many other providers can’t.

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NordVPN is another household name that welcomes P2P sharing. Its level of security isn’t matched by many, as all its plans come with a military-grade encryption level, and a Double VPN for an extra layer of encryption. As good torrenting websites get shut down on a daily basis, their CyberSec technology will protect you in case you find yourself on a torrent website you don’t know. It also offers Onion over VPN, an automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection.

NordVPN has a massive number of servers, hundreds of which are optimized for enhanced P2P sharing. With more than 4000 of them spread across 60 different countries, users can connect to them without worrying about throttling or usage caps.

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Best sites

Kickass Torrents



Best VPNs and Sites for Korean Torrenting


ExpressVPN has a large network of servers spread across 94 countries, including South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Hong Kong. With a large number of servers in the Asian continent it’s a solid choice for users in Korea. Not only that, but its main location works just as well for Korea as it does Russia.

Its powerful 256-bit AES encryption and DNS/IPv6 protection, along with other measures, are what prevent any government interference in your activity. Torrenting certain content can be highly illegal, so a trusty level of encryption is necessary.



NordVPN has a huge 5000+ servers and is just as effective as all the other best providers at eluding detection systems. Moreover, it comes at a lower price tag. It has servers all across Asia in places like South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. This vast network comes in handy when you travel out of the continent or you’re passing through there.

Users that are involved in P2P sharing are more than welcome here – many of their servers are dedicated to it. And with its additional security features, like the double-hop connection, your activity is even further encrypted.



IPVanish is good for Koreans because it has servers in 10 countries across Asia, including South Korea, India, Malaysia, Japan, and China. It has servers spanning more than 60 countries, and those based in the US are thoroughly optimized for all the services based in that region. The fact that it’s based there, though, is a little worrying, but they swear by a no log/activity policy.

The more than 1000 servers make it great for torrenting, as does its enhanced level of encryption and security features. It’s dependable performance is why the likes of CNET, Mashable and techradar recommend it.


Best sites:

The Pirate Bay






Best VPNs and Websites for Russian Torrenting


When it comes to Russian torrenting, the safer the better. And it doesn’t get much safer than ExpressVPN. It’s one of the more popular services, owing to its high-speed and reliably secure connection. It has more than 2000 globally based servers which users can access without restriction, with unlimited bandwidth and zero throttling.

It offers a 256-bit AES encryption to protect you from unwanted surveillance, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, as well as a few handy add-ons like an automatic kill switch and split tunneling. And as it’s based in the British Virgin Islands, there’s no need to worry about data retention.

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SaferVPN is designed to offer high levels of end-to-end encryption. Your day-to-day use is protected by a 256-bit encryption, multiple protocols, and a strict no-log policy. It even offers anonymous payment, and the chance to pay with Bitcoin – though this would probably be a regrettable choice.

It has servers in more than 30 countries worldwide and offers automatic server selection to ensure your connection is always performing at the optimum level. And just like the others, its apps are simple to use for all devices, and it allows several connections per account.

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As the website puts it: ‘Your data. Our servers. No third parties’. With VyprVPN you’re choosing a service that owns and operates its own network and hardware, allowing for one of the most dependable connections around. It uses a 256-bit encryption, alongside its exclusive Chameleon technology, to provide a defense against VPN blocking and throttling, and has a zero-knowledge DNS for added privacy.

It has more than 700 of its own servers across 6 continents, and has no caps on downloads and server switches, which is what makes it reliable for torrenting.

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Best sites


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